The GradeII* listed Central Library in Stockport

Save Central Library

Central Library will remain open, publicly-owned and run as a library service, following the Liberal Democrats taking control of the Council from Labour. 

Following the completion of work on the Stockroom project, Central Library will be refurbished, retainining a retained library of 2,500 books, and a shared study space with computers and tablets. The building will also house the Council's adult education service. 

The overall cost of the project is in the region of £4.3 million, with £2.1 million being committed to repairs to the existing building, with the remainder being used for the work to make it suitable for the adult education service.

The decison overturned the previous Labour administration's plans to completely remove the library from the Grade II listed building. The library was completed in 1914, after a donation from philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.