Bredbury & Woodley

Local Campaigner Dan Willis

Dan lives in Bredbury with his fiancé Sarah and his two-year old son Louen. He loves our local community and deeply cares about making a positive difference in the lives of the people in our community. Some of our most pressing issues include protecting our local NHS services, strengthening our schools and making Bredbury and Woodley cleaner and greener. On the latter, he is campaigning to make our area one of the most sustainable areas across the region.

Councillor Sue Thorpe

Sue has lived in Bredbury since she was a child. One of her favourite things about being a councillor and representing our area, is meeting the people who live here and working with them to make a difference in our neighbourhoods. She enjoys walking her dog, Molly, in our local green spaces, and knows how important it is that we protect these spaces for our community. This is why she is proud to have worked with our Liberal Democrat colleagues on the Council to protect Stockport’s green areas.