Lisa Smart campaigning with local people to save the green belt

Preserve the green belt

Lisa and the Liberal Democrat team won the fight to leave the Greater Manchester Spacial Framework, a plan that endangered Stockport's green belt by proposing to build hundreds of thousands of homes across the region, including designating green sites across our constiutuency. 

The Liberal Democrats voted to leave the Framwork in 2020, but Labour were backed by the Conservatives at the time to keep Stockport in the process. When the Liberal Democrats took control of the Council in 2022, we made it a priority to abandon these plans. 

The GMSF plans included 500 homes in High Lane, 250 new homes on Tangshutt Fields in Romiley, and an expansion of the Brebury Industrial Estate, all built on our precious green belt land. 

We will continue to prioritise building the new homes that Stockport needs on brownfield sites across the borough, and are developing a new local plan to do just that.