Bredbury Green & Romiley

Councillor Mark Roberts

Mark lives in Romiley with his dog Roo. In his time as our councillor he's been proud to champion the needs of local people and help where he can to improve the lives of his neighbours. Serving through the global pandemic highlighted to Mark how community minded our area is and made him spring to action - creating a councillor prescription delivery service during the height of lockdown when people needed their medicine, working as a team with Lisa Smart and Angie Clark to ensure vulnerable people got what they needed. Since then he has particularly championed issues linked to the environment, climate change and tackling speeding, introducing electric vehicle charging points all over the area and having pushed for Stockport to introduce 20mph on residential roads.

Councillor Lisa Smart

Lisa has served our community as a councillor for 7 years. She lives in Romiley with her partner Ed and their rescue dog Bonnie. One of her favourite things about our area is its green spaces. Ed and Lisa often take Bonnie for walks by the River Goyt - which is why she is campaigning hard to hold the water companies and Conservative Government to account and stop the dumping sewage into our local rivers. Lisa is proud to be standing up for those people who are struggling the most. Everyone deserves to have a decent education, to be able to put food on the table, have a warm, safe home and to have access to good quality local services.

Councillor Angie Clark

Angie has lived her whole life in the sight of Werneth Low, raising her family here and living in Romiley for over thirty years. One of her favourite things about being a councillor is getting involved in our community. She is a dedicated member of the ‘Friends of Romiley Station’ and ‘Friends of Chadkirk’ groups. A particular interest of hers is public transport and ensuring everyone in our community has access to clean, safe accessible and efficient transport.