Liberal Democrats focus on key North West seats to deliver help for communities

27 Oct 2023
Lisa Smart speaking at the North West conference

Two key battleground seats in Greater Manchester were the main focus for the Liberal Democrats at their autumn North West conference, with Cheadle and Hazel Grove candidates Tom Morrison and Lisa Smart bookending the day.

With swings of just 5% needed to change the outcome in the two seats, the two constituencies will be critical in determining the outcome of a general election, particularly as the Labour party are not in the running in either seat – coming a distant 3 rd in both in the 2019 election. 

Hazel Grove parliamentary candidate Lisa Smart, who opened the Conference, said: “The next 12 months are going to be momentous, and getting Liberal Democrats elected really does make a difference, because it’s only then that we can do things which genuinely protect people and make their lives better.

“Wera Hobhouse this week passed legislation on tackling sexual harassment in the workplace. Along with her work to tackle upskirting she has made a real, genuine legislative difference in this Parliament, and that is why we get Liberal Democrats elected.”

Cheadle candidate Tom Morrison said: “Across our communities, people are struggling after years and years of neglect by this Conservative Government. 

“On the doorsteps, you speak to people who are living in areas where you wouldn’t expect them to struggle, but they are. I particularly remember one woman, who worked full time and made sensible choices, she saved, she paid into a pension. But due to the rise in energy prices, in food costs, and the doubling of her mortgage, she was now struggling. She had done everything right to keep her family secure and safe, but through no fault of her own, it was not enough.

“The Conservatives have tanked the economy, they have stretched our NHS to breaking point and have left millions of people struggling to live day by day. MPs like Mary Robinson and William Wragg supported every decision the Government has made, and they need to be stopped. 

“We can be the people who stop them.”