Labour declares Hazel Grove constituency “non-battleground seat

13 Dec 2023
Lisa Smart gives the keynote address at the Liberal Democrat conference building up to the General Election

The Labour party has confirmed what was clear from the last election, announcing to its members that it will not seriously contest the constituency of Hazel Grove at the next election.

The Labour party even called the constituency a “non-battleground seat”, as they began to select their election candidate.

There is only a five per cent swing needed for Liberal Democrat Lisa Smart to take the seat from the Conservative party, who have parachuted in a relative unknown from outside the area after the current MP stood down. The news from Labour makes it clear that it will only be the Liberal Democrats who are in the running to take the seat from the Conservatives.

Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Hazel Grove constituency, Lisa Smart said: “This constituency will be a two horse race between the Liberal Democrats and a desperately out of touch Conservative party.

“With our local health services at breaking point, local rivers being destroyed by sewage and far too many people struggling to provide the basics, people have told me it's time for change.

“Labour have now admitted they will not win here. The Liberal Democrats are the only choice for people in Hazel Grove constituency who want to send this government a message.

“The Conservative party is too busy fighting amongst themselves to govern this country. They are taking people here for granted and failing to deliver for our communities.

“Enough is enough. It is time we had a local champion who can deliver the change we so desperately need in Hazel Grove constituency.”