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Cllr Lisa Smart says Thank You


Lisa Smart and the Liberal Democrats finished a close second to the Conservatives in the race to be our new MP. The result was a close two horse race between Lisa and the Conservative.


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Statement: Manchester Terror Attacks

For many local people the General Election now seems like a side show after recent horrific events.

People across our area are feeling the recent devastating attack on innocent young people keenly.

To think that just a few miles away in Manchester, a place I used to visit daily for work innocent young lives would be taken in a cowardly terrorist attack really is beyond comprehension.

Manchester is a strong city, I'm sure you will have heard the many acts of kindness and strength that the people of Greater Manchester have undertaken over the past days. The people of Greater Manchester are clear that we will remember those who lost their lives, and give every help to those struggling with the loss of a loved one.

I want to give my personal sympathies to the families who are suffering so acutely this week.

To the Mayor of Manchester and the Prime minister I want to say I know that this feeling runs through people of all parties, all colours and creeds and far beyond constituency boundaries. Representatives of all parties and none will work together to help Greater Manchester through this dark time.

Finally it should be clear that now is not the time to let the terrorists win. Greater Manchester is defiant and in situations like this the best thing we can do is to carry on. To demonstrate the strength of our people, our country and our democracy.

Councillor Lisa Smart

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Lisa Smart campaigns to scrap dementia tax that would hit 92% of homes in Hazel Grove & Stockport

92% of homes in Stockport could be eligible for sale to meet Theresa May’s so-called 'dementia tax', research by the Liberal Democrats has revealed.


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Tim Farron Visits Woodley to Support Lisa Smart

Today Tim Farron, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, visited Woodley to support the campaign of Lisa Smart, Liberal Democrat candidate for Hazel Grove constituency.

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Lib Dems to give £770 boost to 19,800 pensioners in Hazel Grove Constituency

19,800 pensioners living in Hazel Grove Constituency will receive at least an extra £772 per year under Liberal Democrat manifesto plans to protect the 'triple lock' for state pensions.

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Lisa Smart to stand for snap General Election

Local Councillor Lisa Smart will be the Liberal Democrat candidate for the constituency of Hazel Grove at the General Election on June 8th 2017.

Lisa has a track record of campaigning for better services at Stepping Hill Hospital, standing up against Conservative and Labour plans to bulldoze our greenbelt and winning fights to keep local buses on the road.

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Supreme Court ruling: Lib Dems call for people in North West to be given a say on Brexit deal

The Liberal Democrats have called for people in the North West to be given a say over the final Brexit deal, following today's judgement at the Supreme Court which ruled that Parliament must be given a vote on triggering Article 50.

The ruling comes amid warnings that a hard Brexit could cost the UK economy between £100bn and £200bn by 2030, with a hit to GDP of between 5% to 10%.

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Bold plans to save greenbelt blocked by Stockport Council


In a dramatic Stockport Council meeting that stunned even the most long-standing of councillors, former MP Mark Hunter led the chamber into a vote on plans to save Stockport's greenbelt.

The Labour-run council narrowly avoided an embarrassing hit as Liberal Democrat councillors forced the chamber to take an immediate vote on an amendment that would have halted the Greater Manchester Combined Authorities' (GMCA) potential plan to build 12,100 homes on greenbelt land in Stockport.

The amendment, drawn up by Cheadle's former MP of ten years, Mark Hunter, saw the chamber thrown into disarray as Labour and Conservative councillors were forced to make a snap decision on whether Stockport should pull out of the process that could potentially include plans to build on the borough’s greenbelt land.

After a short break requested by a Conservative councillor, and despite the Liberal Democrats' best efforts, the chamber’s Labour and Conservative councillors joined forces to vote down the amendment with absolutely no debate.

Mark Hunter, who stormed to victory with 60% of the vote in this year's local elections, cited that the 'greenbelt land provisionally allocated and scale of the housing development proposed are unacceptable.'

The GMSF will go ahead as planned following Labour and Conservative councillors' successful teaming up.

Mark Hunter said: "This is a huge disappointment for us, and more importantly for local residents, but it is not the end. This is a Stockport issue and I still believe the decision should be made here in Stockport."

More than 20% of all identified potential sites for development by GMSF were within the Stockport area, which Cllr. Mark Hunter slammed as a result of 'developers and landowners targeting Stockport'.

Cllr. Lisa Smart, who seconded the rejected amendment, said: "This is another example of Liberal Democrats standing up for local residents, and Conservatives' hypocrisy and Labour's complacency towards the people of Stockport'

"This whole process has just been about where is easiest and cheapest to build on, not where is most appropriate for the average family and future generations.

"It means nothing to the residents of Stockport to tell them you're against building on greenbelt, and then not support this amendment today.

"Our amendment today would have brought the decision about where to build these houses back to Stockport, where it belongs, but instead, this Labour-run council with the support of Conservatives in their top pocket have handed it to the super council."

She added: "As Labour and Conservative councillors stand by and watch our children deprived of green spaces to grow and play in, it will continue to be the Liberal Democrats that stand up for local residents.


Cllr. Mark Hunter added: "What we need, and fully support, is affordable family homes close to existing public transport and shops, and until all other options have been exhausted I can't support destroying any of our green spaces."

The former MP added that there is an 'abundance of brownfield spaces, derelict and disused buildings and existing sites that should be developed first.'

Leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Stockport Council, Cllr. Iain Roberts, added: "Liberal Democrat councillors work exceptionally hard all year round, listening to residents' concerns and taking their voice to the town hall.

"This is another example of just how hard our group works and how much Labour's complacency will continue to damage Stockport."

Jane Brophy, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of Greater Manchester added: "This whole backroom saga from the GMCA has been an absolute shambles, highlighting their embarrassing lack of transparency and the desperate need for a more open process.

"The GMCA needs to stop making decisions behind the scenes and involve local authorities in issues that affect their areas."


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Liberal Democrats take NHS concerns to no.10



Stockport's Liberal Democrats have increased the pressure on central government to tackle the funding crisis facing Stepping Hill hospital. Last week councillors Lisa Smart and Mark Hunter presented a petition, containing well over 6,000 names, to number 10 Downing Street to demonstrate local concerns over the future of the NHS. This follows Lib Dem demands a week ago that KPMG, the consultancy appointed to help turn around Stepping Hill's fortunes, return their £2million fee after failing to see any significant improvement.

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