Statement: Manchester Terror Attacks

For many local people the General Election now seems like a side show after recent horrific events.

People across our area are feeling the recent devastating attack on innocent young people keenly.

To think that just a few miles away in Manchester, a place I used to visit daily for work innocent young lives would be taken in a cowardly terrorist attack really is beyond comprehension.

Manchester is a strong city, I'm sure you will have heard the many acts of kindness and strength that the people of Greater Manchester have undertaken over the past days. The people of Greater Manchester are clear that we will remember those who lost their lives, and give every help to those struggling with the loss of a loved one.

I want to give my personal sympathies to the families who are suffering so acutely this week.

To the Mayor of Manchester and the Prime minister I want to say I know that this feeling runs through people of all parties, all colours and creeds and far beyond constituency boundaries. Representatives of all parties and none will work together to help Greater Manchester through this dark time.

Finally it should be clear that now is not the time to let the terrorists win. Greater Manchester is defiant and in situations like this the best thing we can do is to carry on. To demonstrate the strength of our people, our country and our democracy.

Councillor Lisa Smart

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