Press Release: Credit Unions Speech

Lisa Smart, Prospective MP for Hazel Grove constituency, addressed the recent Liberal Democrat national party conference in Glasgow.

Lisa, a Director of Stockport Credit Union, was invited to speak to conference representatives from the across the country during a debate about reforming the welfare system.

Lisa said, “An unexpected crisis such as a broken down washing machine or needing to buy a bus ticket to visit a sick relative can be big issues for families. That’s why Stockport Credit Union is so important in my community. It’s a financial cooperative which is a positive, ethical alternative to Wonga, Brighthouse or loan sharks.”

Lisa continued, “As a volunteer Director, I see first-hand how Stockport Credit Union gives our local residents options. In Stockport, anyone needing a crisis loan via the local assistance scheme can sign up for a credit union loan.”

“For many, the Credit Union enables people to be in charge of their own money, get into the habit of saving and build a better credit rating.”

“Most importantly, the more people build a relationship with Credit Unions, the sooner those who prey on the vulnerable with their shameful interest rates will be put out of business.”

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