Lisa launches housebuilding survey

In a few weeks time, a new Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) is going to be published which will set out where housebuilding will take place across Greater Manchester over the next 20 years.

An earlier version of the plan was so unsuitable for our area that Stockport Lib Dems tried to pull out of the Greater Manchester plan so that we could draw up on our version for Stockport in consultation with local people - but Labour and Conservatives Councillors blocked us.

We will be judging the new plan against several tests set out below, and we want to know what you think the priorities for housebuilding in our area should be.

Take the survey now.

We know that new homes are needed to help young people stay in this area, but this means that new homes need to be affordable to first-time buyers and in areas when they want to live. Your Lib Dem team are also aware that local people are very protective of the greenbelt and frustrated about congestion on our roads. That’s why we are calling for:

  • Brownfield sites to be fully exhausted before developers seek to build on any green spaces
  • Greater development near transport links and employment centres such as Stockport Town Centre
  • Infrastructure like new train stations and road to be built BEFORE any major new developments are finished

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