Wills and Lasting powers of Attorney

Calculation of Professional Fees
 Our current charges for Wills (to include an initial meeting to take your instructions, the preparation of a draft Will for your approval, minor amendments to the draft and a final meeting with a member of staff to supervise the execution of the document) are as follows:
1. Straightforward Will £200.00 + VAT
2. Will containing trusts (starting from) £250.00 + VAT
3. Simple Codicil £75.00 + VAT
Our current charges for Letters of Wishes, Guardianship Directions, General Powers of Attorney, Advance Directives and Notices of Severance start from £100 plus VAT per document.
 The costs of making a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) through Calvert Smith & Sutcliffe are as follows:
 One Person One LPA (Financial or Health & Care) £450 + Vat
 One Person Two LPA’s (Financial and Health & Care) £750 + Vat
 A Couple One LPA Each (Financial or Health & Care) £750 + Vat
 A Couple Two LPA’s Each (Financial and Health & Care) £1,500 + Vat
 £110 court registration fee per LPA or £55 if your gross annual income is less than £12,000. (This fee will be reduced to £82 per document from 1st April 2017). If for any reason the matter is particularly time-consuming, complicated or there is a substantial change in instructions necessitating a major redraft we will charge extra at our discretion at our current hourly rate. If we have to visit you at home there will also be an additional fee to cover the time spent travelling to and from the office.
Once we have taken your instructions and the document is drafted we reserve the right to charge the agreed figure even if you do not proceed to execution of the document. There are certain circumstances in which we may be entitled to exercise a lien for unpaid costs.

Roger Crouch will be dealing with this matter on your behalf and his current hourly rate is £240 plus VAT.
With regard to Wills we wish to confirm that the document will be drafted on the basis:
1. of information given to us by you;
2. in accordance with the tax rules in force at the date the Will is submitted to you; and
3. on the understanding that our instructions are simply to prepare a Will and that there are no continuing obligations on our part in relation to it as a result of alterations to your circumstances or to the tax regime.

You are advised to watch for any annual Budget changes to tax legislation affecting Wills and generally to consider reviewing your Will every time a significant change occurs to your circumstances. If in doubt please call us.
In particular remember:
1. The effect of marriage / a civil partnership is to revoke an existing Will.
2. The effect of divorce / dissolution of a civil partnership is not to revoke an existing Will.

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