Days left to save Chadkirk chapel

Friends of Chadkirk Chapel meet to try to save the ChapelWe have a few days left to help the Friends of Chadkirk keep the Chapel open.

It was good to see so many people attending the Friends of Chadkirk's public meeting on Saturday.

The Chapel was packed; in fact, it was standing room only.

The meeting was held to discuss the Council's proposals to remove the Chapel from their museums list.

What impact will the changes have?

It will no longer be open at weekends and therefore effectively closed to the public except for private events such as weddings. There is no indication as to its future operation or maintenance.

Thank you to the Friends of Chadkirk for organising this event and for everything they are doing to try to keep this beautiful building open.

I want to support the Friends of Chadkirk and so with their permission I have offered to collect signatures to help show the strength of community feeling.

I’m asking you to help by doing two things:

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