I'll stand up for our NHS

Have you had problems accessing the right NHS services when you need them?

I've been listening to residents' experiences of trying to access urgent treatment locally.

One mother told me that she was sent on a 45 minute trip to Oldham to treat a child's bleeding head.  Another lady had a fall and spent hours in A&E, feeling terribly guilty as they watched the stressed and underfunded staff treat people with life threatening emergencies.

It's very clear that Stockport urgently needs an Urgent Treatment Centre for minor injuries.

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So many people contact me to tell me that the NHS is the most important issue to them and at the heart of their lives. I have been working hard to make sure that we have urgent treatment now and people are not sent to the other side of Greater Manchester for minor injuries or forced to wait for hours in A&E.

We need an MP who listens, speaks up about what we need here and will defend our NHS.

That is why I want to be your next MP and why I led the successful fight to get Specialist Status for Stepping Hill Hospital and battled for a rethink to staffing losses and ward closures.

The NHS is being starved of money and it needs proper funding. I am so proud of the Liberal Democrats’ policy to add a penny on the pound to income tax for the NHS.

I have been working for an Urgent Treatment Centre for some time now. Earlier this year I met with senior doctors as well as applying pressure to local health bosses about how we need an Urgent Treatment Centre now and I will keep on fighting for this.

We need more than just warm words and cynical reannouncements of the same money time and again by the Conservatives.

We deserve better, our hardworking NHS staff deserve better and our area deserves better.

If you agree with me that Stepping Hill hospital needs a properly funded Urgent Treatment Centre, please sign up to add your support to my campaign.

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With best wishes,

Lisa Smart

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