Chadkirk Chapel needs our support

People from Romiley, Marple and Offerton know Chadkirk Chapel as a bit of a ‘hidden gem’. As a Grade II listed building dating back to the 16th century it’s a simply stunning community asset.

That’s why I was so concerned to learn about the Stockport Council’s consultation proposing changes to the way they support museums like Chadkirk Chapel.

Lisa Smart Angie Clark and Mark Roberts outside Chadkirk Well dressing

My Ward colleague Cllr Angie Clark is a long-term and active member of the Friends of Chadkirk and we know just how much commitment and sheer hard work they put in to keeping Chadkirk looking so beautiful. It is often described as having a ‘special’ atmosphere of peace and tranquility so essential for health and well being. The Friends are currently investing in an audiovisual display for the chapel to enhance visitor experience. They have done so much to organise public events there and opening for refreshments for walkers, cyclists and visitors. 

Stockport Council's proposal to remove the Chapel from the museums list raises serious concerns about the future maintenance and funding of the annual well dressing. It will no longer be open at weekends and therefore effectively closed to the public except for private events such as weddings. There is no indication as to its future operation or maintenance. 

It is simply wrong that such a community asset be closed off to the public and only open to private groups such as wedding parties.

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We know that the Council has to make cut backs. But the council’s proposed changes to museums, not to mention their consultation methods, are poorly thought out and lack any imagination. Chadkirk Chapel has the capacity to be so much more and creative solutions are needed here.

I want to support the Friends of Chadkirk and so with their permission I am have offered to collect signatures to help show the strength of community feeling.

I’m asking you to help by doing three things:

  1. Please attend the public meeting at in Chadkirk Chapel, Vale Road, Romiley SK6 3LB on Saturday 9th November at 2pm
  2. Please read and respond to the consultation which closes on 18th November.
  3. Please sign my petition in support of Chadkirk Chapel.
Sign the petition

Thank you,

Lisa Smart

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