Stop Mass Development

Stockport Council can vote to take our area out of the Greater Manchester plan that puts 4,000 homes on the greenbelt in High Lane.

Liberal Democrats want to withdraw from The Greater Manchester Spacial Framework (GMSF) now and develop a Local Plan for Stockport instead. The Local Plan would address the same housing challenges the GMSF seeks to address but would be by Stockport and for Stockport.


Withdrawing from the GMSF is the best way to stop inappropriate and unsustainable building on the greenbelt around Marple and High Lane. We have listened to residents and the message has come back loud and clear: people do not want building on this scale and don't believe it can work.


I/we the undersigned would vote to reject the 'Greater Manchester Spatial Framework' which will put too much unsuitable housing in our local area, stretching local roads and school places even further.

Plans to add thousands of houses at once are not right for our area and I/we will take every opportunity to oppose it.


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