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Proposed Closure of Lloyds Bank Woodley


Cllr Christine Corris and the local Liberal Democrat team are leading the fight to save the last bank in Woodley.  

Following the recent announcement that Lloyds intend to close their branch  in July.  Your local Councillors have already contacted the bank to ask them to reverse this disastrous decision.

Christine says, “This bank is a vital life line for many of our local businesses and elderly residents, some of whom aren’t able to do online banking and would struggle to get to a bank if the one in Woodley is closed.”
“This will be a challenge as the branch has seen reducing customer numbers and drops in branch use.  We will fight the closure strongly and if you want to keep a service you need to use it.”
If you want to help Christine and the Lib Dem team in their campaign to save the Lloyds in Woodley just sign our petition below.



I oppose the closing of the Lloyds Bank in Woodley as it provides a vital service for many residents and businesses who otherwise will be left without a bank.

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    Sign the petition: Proposed Closure of Lloyds Bank Woodley
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