Protect Gotherage Lane Park

Following rumours that a developer wants to build houses on the farmer's fields next to Tangshutt, Lisa Smart and the Lib Dems have launched a campaign to protect the play park on Gotherage Lane.

Our local community has the power to protect local facilities that we value. It means we can list, and secure, things like the local playing fields, the local pub or shop.

If developers want to come and buy these assets in the future we would have the power to stop them, to take them over if needed, protecting them for ourselves and for future generations.

Lisa said: "I want to work with local residents and local community groups to make sure the play park on Gotherage lane are protected. It's a great facility for residents of the Cherry Tree Estate."


I/we believe the park on Gotherage Lane should be declared a community asset to protect it for the future.

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